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I'm now able to record HDTV and save it in the DIVX format which is great for viewing while using a computer, but now I would actually like to convert the HDTV material to the DVD format for use on a standard TV. I assume that this would require, some sort of resolution conversion, before the files are input into a DVD authoring package.

What resolution do the files need to be converted to? Any suggestions on what software would be best for this?



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You can drag & drop HDTV transport streams onto HDTV2DVD, and it will convert the program to a DVD-compliant VIDEO_TS fileset, as well as size it for either a DVD-5 or DVD-9. Freeware, only "catch" is that you need Microsoft's .NET framework installed.


hd --> dvd

I wrote about that some time back here on the VRD forum.
Now, I think it would be even easier than before, as the above description seems a bit tedious.

The correct format is 720x480 for NTSC (US and Canada), but now I think I could also convert to 544x480 and have it work, too.
Either way, the secret is to lower the encoding data rate down to a little over 2 megabits per second, if you are going for maximum play time per disc.
You could experiment with up to 4 megabits per second for better quality, but don't get carried away.
Just my opinion.
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