Convert AVI (MJPEG) to MPEG2


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I have a .avi file from my Fujifilm fx20 camera. Gspot software says the file is of the type MJPEG (motion jpeg). All of my video collection is converted to mpeg-2 for editing by VidoeRedo. I want to convert all of my Fujifilm videos over to this same format. I successfully used WinAVI software but have not done any image quality analysis to see if WinAVI did a good job. I don't have any other conversions to compare with.

With that said, Can anyone suggest a good mjpeg to mpeg2 converter? If I don't hear of anything I will move forward with Winavi since it appears to be adequate.


Over the years, I've used WinAVI quite a bit.
Given that I started out with decent video . . .
and viewed the result on a 27" screen . . .
I was always satisfied.

Keep a critical eye to the possibility that the video may jerk a bit.
As I recall , that only ever happened when I was converting low resolution PAL to NTSC.
But, then again, the product has improved a number of times over the last two years. :)

Do consider trying any suggestions posted here by other members.
I'd be especially interested in their feedback, as well.
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