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Before continuing conversations in other posts, I guess I need to get some other user experiences and input with regard to the commercial detection process.

In the couple of years or so that I've been using commercial detection software, with cuts, I have never had any application that could accurately find and cut all the commercials in any recorded program to my liking. I always end up manually reviewing and editing the cuts.

I just assumed this was the nature of the automated commercial cutting. Are there folks here who have dialed in their com cutting software so well that it succeeds almost every time? If so, what's the trick?


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I use comskip with VAP, always have to review and edit. While comskip does a better job because it keys on audio in addition to black frames, there's no way 'round manual edits. There is no consistency with how shows transition in and out of commercials.


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I used to use ComSkip. I did not get any good results. So I tried ShowAnalyzer, that was better but not very good either. Both were very fiddly to configure as well. Ad-Detective however, gave me much better results right out of the box, so I chose VRD (without ComSkip). After a little tweaking of the settings (of which there are very few - perhaps too few) I have a success rate of at least 99%... Those where a frame is incorrectly identified as scene shifts are practically impossible to get around, for instance when the camera zooms in on a black object and the station logo is black too. I had a show of Medium once which was mangled, because there were repeated scenes of a white mist (dream scenes if I recall), and the station logo was white too and disappeared into the mist. But these are very rare, as I say at least 99% of the recordings are perfect. I'm extremely happy with Ad-Detective, and wished that it came standalone, because I'm really not that interested in the rest of VideoRedo. The settings are badly documented though.


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I've tracked posts on this issue for years now and the consensus is there is no magic bullet for totally automatic commercial removal, and my own limited experience is consistent with that. If most of your videos fall into a limited subset of possible parameter variations, you can tune either ComSkip or VRD to give almost perfect results, as dbjorck just illustrated.

I've seen Dan203 (VRD staff) post the same general opinion several times, although I don't pretend to speak for him.
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