computer keeps rebooting


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I installed the free trial of TVSuite last weekend and I have been burning DVDs using movie files from TiVo. The product works great but it seems that my Windows 7 Professional machine reboots after burning every other movie. The movie burns fine but after burning the computer reboots.

Have you heard of this before?



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Have not heard of this, but try this...

1) Download and install this driver... (reboot after install)

2) Open VideoReDo, hold Shift and click Tools->Options. This will bring up a hidden list of options

3) Near the bottom is one called "Burner Protocol" set it to 1.

Now try burning again. The SPTD driver allows the burner to grab exclusive access to the drive which should prevent other programs from attempting to access the drive while it's busy and might help prevent your crash.

If that doesn't help you may want to check with your drive manufacturer and see if there is a firmware update.

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