Combining Unlike Videos


I have tried to merge two videos. One is the source Psalm for the Tallis Fantasia and the other is the Fantasia. Unfortunately, when I try to combine them VRD gives an error msg that basically says they are not compatible. Since I only know enough to be dangerous I'd like to ask the following questions:
1. What can I use to look at the file and get the necessary information I need and what is that information.
2. Once identified, what procedure do I use to, I guess, to convert one or the other, or both, so they can be combined.


1. MediaInfo -

2. Load the one that's in the wrong format into VRD, mark the beginning and end, save it in the same format as the one you want merge it with, then use the Joiner to concatenate them. (Load the first file, add it to the joiner list, load the second, add it to the list, then create the joined video)
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