Combining chapter marks (feature request)



Using VideoReDo, I am currently interested about the Chapter Marks feature.

Currently, we are able to set Chapter Marks on the following points:
  1. At cut points
  2. At Scene Markers
  3. At computed equally spaced points (with an option to do this only if no other chapter marks exits).

The point which interest me is about the way to combine the mode (3) with equally spaced points with the two other modes.

Currently, this seems to be all or nothing, depending of the "Only if no other chapter marks" check box is checked or not.

I thing it could be interested to add some intermediary modes:

For example, when mode (3) is combined with (1) or (2) or both, a given automatic chapter mark could be generated only if there is no predefined chapter point manually set near the timecode where it should otherwise fall.
The rule for this could be the "Minimum chapter intervals secs" value present in the same configuration page.

Actually I'm wondering if something like this already exists or not because I got once a video where chapter marks seemed to be having generated that way.
But next I haven't be able to reproduce this behaviour, so either I was wrong in understanding what happened, either this setting is difficult to find, either it does exists but it is not really stable.

Another mode which could be interesting would be the same, except that all manual (cut points or scene markers) chapter points would also become new sync points for the following equally spaced chapter marks.
For example, if in a video there is a scene marker at 00:26:15 and automatic chapter marks each 5 minutes (with a minimum interval of 120 seconds), the final result would be having chapter marks at the following points :
  • 00:05:00
  • 00:10:00
  • 00:15:00
  • 00:20:00
  • 00:26:15
  • 00:31:15
  • 00:36:15
  • etc
In order to see clearly what we will finally get, the effectively generated chapter points should be clearly shown in the "Edit Preview" mode for any chapter marks setting that we could choose.

Here again this does at least partly exists, but this doesn't seems to be clearly stable.
For example, if I change the chapter marks setting while I am already in "Edit preview" mode, the change is not updated until I leave and renter the "Edit Preview" mode.
And in any case, this never seems to reflect any chapter point resync near previously existing ones, if ever this kind of resync even exists.



I think if you add the points automatically (your point #3) you can then add additional chapter marks yourself (by pressing the letter 'A'?)


I think if you add the points automatically (your point #3) you can then add additional chapter marks yourself (by pressing the letter 'A'?)
What do you mean?

Of course, I could add chapter marks manually on each 5 minutes, but this would be very cumbersome, and why having an automatic chapter points generation if it is for having to finally put them manually?

When I generate videos, I frequently have only one or two cut points or scene marks in the middle that I like to have as chapter marks. But there is commonly a lot of time between each of them, and I would like to have these long sequences separated by other chapter marks without loosing the fixed chapter marks that I have previously set.
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