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I already have on PC installed activated version VRD 5.

Today I downloaded trial version of VRD Pro and install it on the same PC.

From this moment, when I want to use COM object VideoReDo5.VideoReDoSilent, then activation dialog is showed.

VRD Pro uses the same names for COM objects? Or installation of VRD Pro rewrite some registry keys? Or is not possible to have on the same PC both version?

I solved this problem reinstalling VRD 5.


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VRD 5 and Pro use the same COM names, so they can conflict. The easiest way to fix it is to run the batch manager from Tools->Start Batch Manager. It has a check at startup that will ensure that the COM interface matches the version of VideoReDo that launched it and will offer an option to change the registration if it doesn't match.
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