COM - feature request NavigationTimeAdvance


I am writing code where I need save bmp every 30-th second of video.
Therefore I writen in c++ something like this:

for (int k = 0; k < videoDuration; k += 30) {
  _stprintf_s(filename, sizeof(filename) / sizeof(TCHAR), _T("%s\\%d.bmp"), PictureFolder, k);
  pVRD->NavigationCaptureFrame(filename, 4);
But for video with duration 80 minutes this code is too slow:
- with COM "VideoReDo5.VideoReDoSilent" it takes 63 seconds (VRD5 version
- with COM "VideoReDo6.VideoReDoSilent" it takes even 107 seconds (VRD6 version

Therefore my feature request is to add the new function void NavigationTimeAdvance(uint iTimeMiliseconds, bool bForward) for relative seeking from the current position in the video. I think with this function the speed will be better.
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