CODEC required for MPG output?


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Used DVD Decrpypter to pull a VOB off of a DVD.

Loaded the VOB into VRD and selected two short scenes to save as an MPG file.

Saved the file and the 30.6 MB MPG was created.

When I load this MPG output file into Windows Media Player I get a Codec error. Ignoring the error results in a blank video with start and stop audio.

When I load this MPG file into Real the playback is the same.

When I load this MPG in VRD, it play fine (although a little choppy due to CPU limitations I think).

I'm not sure why Real or WMP would require a codec to play the MPG.


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If you dont have any other programs installed on your PC that come with an MPEG2 decoder DirectShow filter, then the stock-standard Windows Media Player wont be able to play back MPEG2 video, as Windows/WMP doesnt ship with an MPEG2 decoder.

If you have a copy of WinDVD or PowerDVD floating around (often comes bundled with a DVD burner) then consider installing that, and WMP should then pick up its decoder. You can also try hunting around on the net for various codec packs that people have put together that sometimes contain a suitable MPEG2 decoder filter.
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