CLI Quick fix option

Is there a way to run a Command Line argument to run Quick Fix? I am looking for a program to handle fixing timestamp and other abnormalities as a post processor from my stream recorder program.
I looked at the COM info, Too much for my knowledge level. I was looking for an automatic method. Someway to use VideoRedo QuickFix with the post processing option in my video recorder program.


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There is a script in the install directory that can be run from the command line. It's called vp.vbs. It has a very simple CLI structure....

cscript vp.vbs <source file/project> <destination file/project> [/qsf] [/p <profile>] [/q] [/na]

/qsf = Open file in QSF mode
/p <profile> = Profile name or path to profile XML file
/q = Run in Quiet mode (no UI displayed)
/na = Disable audio alert (overrides default set via Tools>Options>Audio Alerts)

You can probably call that from your recorder program and get what you want.