Chapters within Joiner files.


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Using VRDTVSuite on Win7 Pro 64-bit

I've edited two files, separately, removing adverts and setting chapters at cut points. When burned to DVD-RW, the chapters work as expected in my DVD player.

Using the Joiner, I've joined these two files (Using the Project files (*.vprj), creating a third file. This final file doesn't have any chapters.

Have I missed something? Or is it not possible to create a joined file with chapters?

The joiner does not create a chapter file. I think it's on a back-burner. I suspect that it is not as simple as it would seem or it would have been implemented long ago.

You will have to re-open the final file and scan or mark the chapters manually. You don't need to output the file again, just save a chapter file. (in the "file" menu) If you are creating a DVD, then add the marks manually on that file and they will appear on the DVD.


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Thanks for the reply. Not what I was hoping to hear, but at least the manual input is a work around.
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