CHAPTERs not showing, want to extract from Video_TS, groups of chapters


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I have DVD's of old TV shows.
each has about 15 chapters.
I try to open the DVD in VideoReDo, but it does NOT show the chapters

I want to create MPG's of Chapter 1 through 5 combined, 6 through 10 combined, etc

I tried the OPTIONS section of video ReDoi, Chapters, IMPORT the chapters at file open

BUT, all I see are the SCENES

I want to turn OFF the SCENES, and just see the chapters

ALSO, CAN chapters be seen if you OPEN the Video-TS folder, FROM the hard drive (as I've also copied the Video-TS folders TO the hard drive

if I can do it from the hard drive, it would make it easier



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WHen chapter marks are imported into VRD they are displayed as scne markers (Little red vertical lines.)

Are you seeing them?

scene markers.png


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yes, I am seeing these. but if I click on them they don't seem to correspond to my actual chapters (I am concurrently viewing the DVD, and going to the supposed chapter point.)

Is there any way to "GO TO CHAPTER/SCENE "X" ", or navigate through the chapters? I did try the arrow above, under the 59:29 time marker, but they still don't seem to match my originals.
I will go bck and retest ....

but any other feedback appreciated -

i don't believe i have ad-detective on - so, should the red marks ONLY be the chapters (described as "SCENES")?


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The arrows next to the blue button on the right are the ones that skip to the scene markers. Scene markers can be added several ways. They can be imported from the DVD if you use File->Open title form DVD, they can be imported from certain file types like MKV, they can be imported from a separate chapter file, they can be added manually using the A key or they can be added by the ad scanner. In VRD we don't really have a concept of chapters so we use scene markers to denote their positions, but there are other places scene markers can come from as well.


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I drug the Video...IFO file (from the Video_TS folder) into the VideoReDo program.
would that give me the correct chapters?

it does not seem to be doing that
and if I skip to the scene, the navigation does not work, tells me to do quickstream fix;
if iI do that, create MPEG, I lose markers.
this is nuts (not all because of video redo

I just want to extract the episodes in some easy fashion, but I do not believe that is possible


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DVDs can have navigation issues necessitating the use of QSF.

A workaround for no chapters after QSF when importing DVDs which is not perfect but works.

Perform the autoQSF.

Open the title from a DVD again. This time do not autoQSF. Save the chapter mark file only and rename to the fixed file with the addition of "_Chapters.txt"

They may not align perfectly but can be a close approximation.
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