chapter points inaccurate on stream errors


In beta when cutting a transport stream that has an occasional error in it the chapter points do not accurately reflect the cut points in the output file for cuts that occur after the error in the transport stream. Chapter points prior to any error in the source file are correct.

A snippet of the log below shows that the error does not need to be particularly bad.

2009-12-20 05:17:02 Starting new Frame Accurate Output Segment: start:2616200.011 (00:43:36.05), end:2967680.011 (00:49:27.17)
2009-12-20 05:17:02 XXCount: 0, Real: 1 0
2009-12-20 05:17:06 MPEG Audio Frame Error 1 at: 00:44:59.19
2009-12-20 05:17:06 Resync: removed 5 video frames, at video 00:20:23.03, original (00:45:06.18), sync changed from -246.06 to -46.06
2009-12-20 05:17:16 XXCount: 0, Real: 1 0
2009-12-20 05:17:17 Starting new Frame Accurate Output Segment: start:3178160.011 (00:52:58.04), end:3660400.011 (01:01:00.10)

This problem is also present in
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Did you try processing the file through QuickStream Fix first?

What is the source of your video files? What capture device do you use?


A QSF resolves the issue as the source is then 'clean'. If VR can correctly cut the file with the mild errors it should also be able to generate an accurate chapter list.

The source is a transport stream. The device can be any device one cares to name.
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