Chapter file markers get changed on further edits


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I used VRD to cut commercials from a movie. I have it set to create a chapter file automatically. The resulting file contains a chapter mark at each edit point as configured. When I started watching the movie I noticed that I had left 30 seconds of junk at the beginning of the movie so I loaded it up in VRD again. I could see the original edit points marked as chapters. I cut out that 30 seconds and saved the file. Then I reloaded it in VRD and found that the original chapter marks have been removed and were replaced by chapter marks every 5 minutes.

My settings have:
At cut points: True
Minimum chapter interval secs: 1
Use equal spacing: 5 minutes
Only if no other chapter marks: True
Automatically create chapter file: True
Import chapter marks on file open: True

It seems to me that if I load a file that has a chapter file and make an edit that the resulting chapter file should have the same chapter marks as before the edit but adjusted as needed based on what was cut.

Is this how it is supposed to work? I would think it would maintain the chapter marks.


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Oh, true. Thanks.

I guess I just need to tweak my workflow so I clear all scene markers before cutting the file so I don't end up with a bunch of extra chapters after using ad detective.

What I'd rather see is a setting to "Maintain chapters from imported chapter file".
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