Change computer name-W10/64. Pro not open.


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Change computer name and get into a loop...
Start Pro...License window opens (is active), hit ok, restart Pro... endless loop.

Change name back and all works.
Some might consider not being allowed to change the name of your computer
as a tiny bit much.

On the good side I was able to get the 16 core Threadripper overclocked to 3.9 Ghz at less then 1.3volts!
Upping the voltage scares me... this thing has to last many years.
Not pushing for 4Ghz-(the "normal" MAX possible,) 4.1 is luck and needs 1.4+ volts....nope.

If you can believe any of the software programs...
W10 says my cpu is running at 4.45 Ghz which is not possible for any Threadripper.
At least the 64 Gigs of ram works at 3333...XMP profile setting. Yahoo!


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Changing the computer name was not intended to disqualify the license, we will have to test it here.

First thing I would try is to re-activate, i.e. enter your key. That might work as the server should think you're on the same system. However, if it doesn't.

The simple solution for this is to:

1. Deactivate the current license.
2. Change your computer name.
3. Re-activate the license.

Instructions on deactivating the license are here:
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