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I've been using Roxio's Capture module for quite some time. It's the only thing I still use from their Easy Media Creator Suite because I kept running into problems with the other modules and found simpler solutions. Anyway... it has now come to me that I would like to remove the entire Roxio suite from my hard drive since I've been warned that sometimes having multiple software programs for video can cause problems due to conflicting settings. To do this I need to replace their Capture program so I can get my recorded videos onto my hard drive for editing etc. I have been over to and find 40+ software programs available. I am overwhelmed and would like some recommendations on a good program for this task if anyone has any. Thanks.


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Could you provide a bit more detail regarding what your capturing?

For example are you capturing from a PCI TV tuner card that does not have hardware encoding?

Are you capture DV avi?


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Specifically what capture device you use would be a big help to making recommendations.


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capture software

I have dvd's that I have recorded tv programs taken off TiVo. I then use an Iomega Super DVD (mod# DVDRW4224E2Q) connected to my pc to capture the program onto my hard drive. From there I edit the commercials out with VRD and go on with the process to an iso that is burned with IMGBURN back to my DVD+RW disk. (I hope I'm using the right term here. This is considered "capturing" isn't it?)
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