Can't recode 2 Channel AAC to AC3 809b

I have previously used v6 to recode the audio from AAC to AC3 using H.264/AVC profile (M2TS). I have even altered to 6 chan AC3 but now when I do it with 809b the result won't reload back into VRD as it comes up with 'No Audio Stream Found'
Have now re-installed 806a and using the same profile works perfectly, so it must be a bug in 809b that causes corruption in the AC3 encode.


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Ok, it just popped into my head that my "no audio" encodes happened with a Profile that listed AC3 in the Profile
Advanced Audio section.

The other test Profile that just listed "AUTO" in the Advanced Audio section kept the audio stream.


I have found that 809b now outputs video using my H264.AC3 profile with H264 Video and LCPM audio with video option only set, hence no audio on in output file. Reloaded 808a and all works well. looks like 809b broke this which was working in 808a. Maybe the same problem as I am having with 809b

Profile file attached


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