Can't play 'Opus" audio movie


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I have a video (movie) in a .mkv container (1080p) that has it's audio in the "Opus" format (open source). When I try to play that, Redo won't with the error "No audio stream found".
The file plays ok using LA Player. I realize it's not a common format, but at least why won't the 'video' play?? Why does what Redo considers 'no audio stream' a issue? :unsure:
I have the same movie (720p mp4) from another source using ACC audio and it plays fine.


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When the original video contains a format we don't recognize we first attempt to decode it using ffmpeg. Only if ffmpeg rejects it do we insert a silent audio stream. It's possible that ffmpeg is attempting to decode this stream and failing. That would trick the code into thinking it's going to work, which prevents the silent audio stream from being used, but then when it fails decoding it throws an exception that causes it to get the no audio error. (wild guess)

The current version of VideoReDo uses a pretty old version of ffmpeg. (2.6) We're upgrading to the 3.x branch in v6 which should have better support for some of the newer formats like this. Although I haven't tested this specific format, so no promises.
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