Cannot seem to edit or remove ad detected cuts


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I would like to know how to edit some of the cuts that were generated by the ad remover. There is a long section of about seven minutes of recorded TV that was marked as commercials, but in the middle of that section is about 90 seconds of actual show. So there are commercials before and after that segment of show, but vrd thinks that the entire section is all commercials. I don't know how to remove just a portion of that cut. I only see the option to remove the entire cut. I tried to mark off the parts that were commercials with the sel start and sel end buttons, but that did not change anything. What am I doing wrong? BTW I am still using the trial version, but am about to purchase. I'm just trying to make sure all the features I need are available before I get the full version.


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That's usually caused by some sort of glitch in the file. Try running the file through Quick Stream Fix first, then edit the fixed file. That should take care of the problem.
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