Cannot rewind MPEG-2 file on PCH C-200


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I've recorded TV programs on Windows Media Centre and used VRD to extract them to a standard mpg file.

These plays fine on my Popcorn Hour C-200 except for a strange quirk. I can fast forward the program x2 and x4 but if I try to rewind it continues to play but displays a warning triangle with an apostrophe in it.

Does anyone know why this happens? Is there some option I need to set in VRD when I create the mpg file or is it some setting on the C-200?



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Can't rewind...

After further research it seems that incredibly the C-200 and other Popcorn Hour models cannot rewind when the MPEG-2 stream is encapsulated in a mpg container.

The solution was to save it as MPEG2 Matroska (*.mkv).
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