Can we really tell if bradcast was in read HD

Is there any way to tell what the TV station is really broadcasting ? I know that I can from time line press CTRL + L or use the Mediainfo tool both of which show what was said to be broadcasting. I suspect that in many instances shows what are marked as being in HD aren't at all. Perhaps the station only has an SD print & has nothing scheduled for its HD channel.

If this is the case is there any way to see what the content really was as it will greatly effect the output quality if you used at the same setting you would use it you knew for certain the transmission was only in SD.


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As you are currently doing, Ctrl+L or Media info will tell you the properties of the file.

In the menu: Tools>Options>General Parameters using Match source format will ensure the same quality as the original.
I have been creating MKV files with a certain bit rate on programs known to be in SD. The results are good. If I use the same bit rate on files said to be in HD the results are ususally worse,sometimes much worse.


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A 1080i file has 6x as many pixels as an SD file. So you either have to increase your bitrate by 6x or lower the resolution. You can't use the same bitrate for SD and HD and expect the HD one to look good.

If you need smaller files try using H.264 instead. There is about 40% compression advantage to H.264, so you could set your bitrate 40% lower and get the same visual quality. But you still need to use different bitrates for SD and HD
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