Can segments include subs?


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Hi, love the software - it's terrific. At this moment I have ripped a home-made DVD that includes subtitles, it is in a vob folder. What I want to do is cut a bit out with VideoReDo, but keep the subs! Is it possible?

Ultimately I'd like to make the subs permanent (ie not "switchable"), just for this segment.

I'm altogether not sure how to go about this? At first I thought it would be dead easy! :rolleyes: Any suggestions/tips?



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VideoReDo will only output one Video and one audio stream at a time. Subtitles are handled as a separate audio stream. you could perform the same edit selecting the different stream each time but would need to use a separate prgoram or DVD authoring program that would assemble it back together.


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Thanks. Easiest method is plug my DVD player into my DVD recorder and record. Trim with VideoReDo, of course!

I love this software, it would be GREAT to see some multitrack audio incorporated in there, such as Audacity or something? Including hard-subbing feature as well?

I can't wait for the fade/transitions features! :cool:
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