Can people please test Unicode?


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One of the biggest under the hood changes in v6 is Unicode support. It touches almost every aspect of the code and was probably the biggest change that you'll never notice. Can people please test files with unicode file names, unicode captions, unicode metadata, etc... to make sure we didn't miss anything in our internal testing.


My video files with Korean character name and Japanese name works fine, so far so good. I am very happy with the Unicode support. Once again thank you so much for this new feature.


Is an "&" (ampersand) a unicode character? If so, VRD is not displaying them in dialogues, but is including them in e.g. filenames it saves.
There is a problem with proper reading of project files from previous vrd versions.
1) have a video file with non-english characters in its name. Russian letters for example.
2) edit it previous vrd version. Save a project file. Project file is being coded in ansi.
3) Try to open this project file in vrd6.
4) Obtain message "videofile %filename_here% could not be found. Do you wish to search for it manually?" where every russian letter is replaced with unicode Replacement character.
5) Open this project file in notepad++. Use a "convert to utf8" option. Save it.
6) Try to open this project file in vrd6. It opens normally.


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Thanks for reporting this, but I'm not sure this is something we can quickly address.
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