Burning MPG to DVD


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Sometimes one wants to burn a TV program to a DVD but the 4 stage process is a time consuming one

1. Download from PVR to PC

2. Convert the .REC file to .MPG with PVAStrumento

3. Edit it with the excellent VRD which came my way a few days ago.
This avoids battling with one of those authoring / encoding programs

4. Burn the edited .MPG file to a DVD.

Any suggestions re basic software to BURN as in 4 above ?

Nero 6 OEM was supplied with the Pioneer 107 DVD burner but it does not import .MPG files.




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1) Did you try not using PVAStrumento? If your file is PVA, VideoReDo should open it and process it directly.

2) Lots of options to choose from in the authoring catagory. TMPGEnc, DVDLab, Movie Factory are probably the common ones mentioned on these forums.
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