Bugs? incorrect time when h264 saved as ts; Mpeg-2 recode frames bad quality?


I am using the latest Videoredo Pro version ( and run into some issues. The first one is probably a bug, but I am not sure for the second one. Maybe I missed some options?

1. The first problem only applies for H264 and not Mpeg-2. When I cut an h264 Television recording (PAL, 720p) and save it as .ts, then the resulting file will show in Windows Explorer and VLC-Player an incorrect length (Intelligent Recode: 2 seconds shorter than it should be; Force Recode: 1 second shorter). When opening the cut file again in Videoredo, it will show the correct length. Even ffmpeg will show the correct length.

2. I was trying to cut an episode from a Mpeg-2 Television recording (PAL; SD-resolution), with Intelligent Recode. It recodes 13 frames at the beginning of the episode. The first 2 frames have a bad quality (especially the 2nd frame). The other 11 frames are looking ok and aren't really distinguishable from the original recording. Am I missing some options?
I already tried:
Intelligent Recode Options: MPEG-2 Encoder Quality: Auto / High
Intelligent Recode Options: Bitrate calculation mode: Quality Factor / Bitrate Presets

The original frames from the episode are as following:
B I B B P B B P B B P B B I ...

The ones from Videoredo are:
I P P P P P P P P P P B B I ...

Here are some screenshots for comparison:


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1. Windows Explorer and VLC may be looking at the PCR time stamp rather than the PTS values which VideoReDo looks at. Did you get any PTS underflows when muxing? For "perfect" TS mux in VRDPro, go to the advanced tab and set the ts mux options to:

mux rate automatic
omit null packets - false.

This should fix things.

2. By default smart editing of MPEG2 files create a short GOP with I P P ... sequence rather than an I B B P B B P sequence. This is compliant. What are the sizes of the recoded frames? You can find this on the Stream internals page.