Broke down and bought a DVD Writer.... finally!


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Ok, I know I should have probably done this sooner but...
I got it today, it's an LG GSA-4120B.

I bought some DVD-RAM discs and tried to burn a dvd using MovieFactory2 SE, but it bitched about the disc not being 'recordable', so I formatted it (I know nothing about this stuff!) and it still came up with the same message.

Basically I bought the DVD-RAM's to use as re-writeables, but not sure now, how to create a dvd.
Anyone other some insight on it for me?



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Typical! The software (PowerProducer) that came with this drive crashes, so I am unable to use it to copy a video to the DVD-RAM.

I'm not sure if I can use Nero, as it wants some audio 5.1 plugin to work!

So looks like I'm going to have to wait and hear back from LG on this issue.


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Hi Peter,

A few things for you.

First, read this review. It mentioned incompatibility with certain brands of media.

Second, try creating a DVD in DMF2SE using the -VR wizard. Being that it is a DVD-RAM which is rewritable and not a burn once, you may have to use the -VR format for creating a DVD.

Third, try authoring to a folder on your hard drive. Then use Nero or some othe program to copy the folder to a DVD.

Fourth, Make sure you've downloaded and installed the latest updates and burning patches for DMF from the Ulead website.

It also may not play in your set top DVD player as not too many will recognize RAM disks. If it doesn't work in your DVD player, being that your drive supports multiformat -RW, +RW and RAM, you might want to try the +RW or -RW for rerecordable. I personally like the +RW for rerecordable. It plays well in my standard DVD players. I tried using -RW (for file archiving on the PC) and it gave me too many errors on writing. This is just my personal opinion. Your mileage may vary.



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About time! Another suggestion is that you burn with a verify option until you're certain that the software combination you have works well for you. I use Nero to do all burning from disk folders authored by other programs. Make sure you get the latest Nero patches as well.

No one said this is easy :)


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Decided to reformat!
I needed to do a cleanout, so this was the easiest way. I am slowly getting it all back together, and when I get to the dvd, I'll try the s/w that came with it again (PowerProducer) and see what happens.

My dvd player is supposed to play dvd-ram, but I can always return the discs if it doesn't.

Just using it as a drive, it seemed slow, but until I get everything up again, I'll have to wait to do proper bench marks.

(At least I can get on the web!)


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Ok, her's the latest.... It ain't pretty!!

Fresh install, with min. s/w and loded in PowerProducer, only for it to crash on same screens as before.

Checked that DMA is enabled for the drive(s), only have one (the DVD) device on the ide cable.

I can read off the drive but can't check writing, as I only bought 3 DVD-RAM discs.

I am going to check if it'll burn CD's in a min...

I installed WinDVD Creator, that came with my PVR-250, and tried using that, but it too gave me problems!

It says that the file I recorded (Standard DVD, from the PVR) is either "corrupted or the duration of the video is not long enough"!!!!!
(It's 8 mins. long).

I give up!

(Well, no I don't actually)!

The CD burnt fine with MovieFactory.

As I mentioned before, I can't get MF to burn on the DVD-RAM disc though.

I will try re-formatting the disc as 'UDF' and see if that helps...

Update: Well I was only able to format it with "InCD" that came with it, but PowerProducer crashes regarless of what disk is in there!

Phil, I'm not familiar with the -VR wizard. There doesn't seem to be any config. posibilities like that in the MF2SE version. Could you elaborate?
I'd really like to get these disks to work, but I may be forced to use DVD RW's. Of course, not even sure if my player will like 'em!
I'll try saving to disk (from MF2SE) then just copy the folders over to the disk (I think it creates two folders right)?


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Thanks for finding that out Phil.

I decided to return the DVD-RAM's and got RW's instead. THe appeal of robust media lured me in their direction, but it just isn't there for me... yet!

I did use MF to write to disc, and then I copied the resultant directories and file (there was one file and 2 directories - the data file and an audio and video directory, I think), to the DVD-RAM, but it didn't play in my player (Apex 1500).

So I decided to give up on it.

I wrote a couple of dvd's using raw capture from the PVR-250, but one disc refused to play, and the other 'paused' in a few places, and I had to stop and FF past the 'bad' part each time.

I'm wondering why that is. I'm investigating it right now, so I'll have to visit a few forums to check other users (of the APEX).

I'm also going to try remuxing in VRD, and seeing if that helps.

Most of the time I would use VRD to edit, so if that is going to cure things, I'll be happy. But I also like to just do a straight copy of a show, so it'll be a pain if I have to remux it everytime.

I'm not sure if the recording settings will make a diff. either! Like I said, got a lot of stuff to look at!

The Cyberlink software (PowerProducer) was VERY disappointing, and I bought the retail drive because I thought the software would be worth it!
I may take the drive back because of this and buy oem!!


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I did try DVD-RAM in my Apex 1200 and it didn't play either. I did have success playing raw MPEGs edited with VRD in the Apex though. I copied them onto DVD+RW, not DVD-RW. Don't know if that will make a difference.

Also there were 2 different versions of chipsets used in the 1200 from different manufacturers which gave each unit a different set of capabilities. Don't know if the same thing applies to the 1500. Check out some of the Apex forums. They'll discuss it in greater detail. Make note of your complete serial number and the startup screen without a DVD in it. That will be the info you need to determine what will or won't work in your player.


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Hi Phil,

Thanks for the forum link (I've been there before!).

I managed to read the DVD+RW discs ok (even though the player isn't supposed too??). But as I said earlier, had some probs. reading them in the AD-1500. I tried remuxing in VRD, and the disc is now read ok by the player, although I haven't watched the whole thing (yet), so I don't know if there are any other probs with it.

As a 1200 owner, have you had any probs reading dvd's burnt using the untouched original mpeg from the PVR? Or do you always edit and consequently remux the file prior to burning?




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Only tried edited. Haven't tried raw. Generally I author DVDs. Only did it to try once. I like having chapters and raw MPEGs don't give you that option.

I generally use +RW for rerecordable and -R for write once. That's what works for mostly hassle free DVDs (thanks to VRD of course!)


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DanR said:

About time! Another suggestion is that you burn with a verify option until you're certain that the software combination you have works well for you. I use Nero to do all burning from disk folders authored by other programs. Make sure you get the latest Nero patches as well.

No one said this is easy :)
which version? is 6 already usable? after trying the first versions of 6 i stepped back to the 5.

is the bug still in that you can't burn a file with file date set to null?


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Quick update:

I re-installed XP again :twisted: because 'things were not working correctly' ie. I couldn't even get Service Pack 2 to install!

This time I did a FULL format.

PowerProducer is now working! Yey!

Trying a few burns - a 3meg file took 18mins to burn (using PP) onto a +RW, so that's pretty good - I think!??

The quest continues....

BTW. Might seem a dumb q. but...
Can I write data (files etc) to a DVD disc, that I can use as a back-up instead of CD's? I think it can only be done using DVD-RAM, but I'm not sure...


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The DVD plays ok, but my player doesn't like me FF more than x2. If I try faster speeds, it stops at a particular point (51 secs in). Then I press play and it carries on.
Would the burn speed (x4) have anything to do with this?

It works fine in the DVD writer though, so it's a unique issue with the Apex player.


Burnt the same file using MF, and it works fine (FF: X2,4,6,8 )
So it's something that PP does, that Apex doesn't like.


Noticed that MF burnt disc sometimes 'hangs' when I FF too, though the PP burns discs that consistantly do it.

Could this be the settings in the PVR?
I was using "DVD Standard Play". Should I use custom settings? Anyone?


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Here is my 2 cents. A long time ago I used Ulead Movie Factory to make DVDs, but finally gave up on it because almost all the DVDs produced had unexplainable pauses or freezes in them where the picture on the TV would freeze but the time counter on the DVD player kept incrementing. After a few seconds the freeze/pause would end and the video resume .... until the next freeze/pause. This eventually forced me to go to Ulead DVD Workshop v 1.1 which so far has worked fine.

As Dan suggested, I use Nero 5.5 to actually write the DVD directories produced by DVD Workshop to the disk and I always use the verify option to make sure that the disk is written correctly.

If you haven't already, you may wish to visit They have a lot of good info on the best type of media to use with specific writers . I find that Ritek G04 DVD-R is the best for my TDK burner.

Hope this helps.



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I also author to a folder on the hard drive with DMF, then use neoDVD to burn to a DVD. Stuttering and pausing can also be caused by the media used as well as the software. Certain drives have better "compatibilty" with certain media. The same is also true of your set top DVD player. Try different brands of media and see which works best for you. Also Nero or some other software will read the blank DVD and tell you who the manufacturer is. Keep track of this so you know which is "good" or "bad" media for your purposes.

18 minutes to burn 3 MB is about right if they are 2.4X DVD+RW. It takes me 25 minutes to burn a full DVD to a +RW and 15 minutes to a -R (4X.) To figure out what the approximate time for burning should be, take the lower of the speed of the media or burner and divide that number into 60. That will give you the time. Also if you are using it externally via USB, remember that the reported speed for USB 2.0 is the maximum not the sustained data speed.

For example:
DVD+RW media is 2.4X
DVD burner for +RW media is 4X maximum speed.
Slowest speed is 2.4 (media)
60/2.4= 25 minutes

You had 3MB rather than a full DVD of 4.2MB
25 minutes *3/4.2 = 17.9 minutes theoretical time.

You can write data to a DVD+RW. You just have to format the disk first.


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the only problems i got so far are with the ulead product. sorry to say: the user interface is easy and the features are very good, but the program is crap when it is about to create the movie.

i won't use it anymore. neither dvd workshop nor DMF. the program just shouldn't remultiplex my vobs if it can't keep them in sync. there's no option in the new versions to forbid that.

if you are in for easy WORKING application, use tmpgenc dvd author. you also can easily create motion thumbnails, but you are limited in menu design. that's the only critics i have to dvd author.

my suggestion: dvd-lab. it's a bit more complex, but it does what it does. and the dvds WORK unlinke to the ulead counterparts.

don't get me wrong, some of the ulead stuff worked for me as well. but some didn't. and i want to be 100% sure that it works when i finish a product. i don't want to rewatch the dvd over and over again.


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I hear you on that Harry - I also want to be able to do this consistently.

Also, I don't feel I should have to:
A) Read through tons of forum messages and reviews.
B) Go through the rigmarole of benchmarking & testing every combination of settings for capture & authoring.
C) Then find out the software that comes with the hardware is crappy

It's impossible not to do it though! :shock:

I suppose technology & products are changing so fast, it's unavoidable.

I am finding that the switch from SVCD to DVD is definately a MAJOR improvement in quality though, so I'm happy that I upgraded.

The PowerProducer s/w allowed me to select 4x (or 2.4X) when I burnt the dvd, but according to Phil's math, it was done at 2.4X. That's strange.
I am using brand new (the newer ones are bundled in cellophane, and not boxed now) Memorex discs, that state they are X4 speed. Any one with ideas on why they only burn at 2.4X?

I'll try Phil's suggestion and investigate the media issues further too...
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