Both Release Version and Beta 746f constantly crash when navigating


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I'm using Tivo files created in Cable service that delivers in the mp4 format. For each file, I use the batch editor to convert the .tvo file to a quick stream fixed mp4 file. Then I run ad detection as a batch. Next I load each project file and fine tune the cuts. It is while doing this last step that editing a 2 hour video may result in 5-8 total lockups of the software. The only error is at the top of the screen where it says:

"Not Responding"

I am editing from a Windows 10 notebook connecting via RDP to an Windows 10 desktop I use as a video server. I've made the recommended adjustments so that the editing window appear and I can hear audio.

At some point in the past, this did not happen or if it did, it was rare. Now, I know every file will end in frustration.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong or how to troubleshoot this?


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Does it happen after performing a specific action? Like always when jumping to a scene marker, or always when clicking on a thumbnail, or always when jumping 30 seconds ahead? Etc...


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I saw an issue editing via RDP over the weekend as well, where 746f would often lock-up when editing a second file. I.e. editing the first file was fine, but then loading the 2nd file, both from a previously created VPRJ file would hang while opening. Is this similar to what you saw?

Did you ever get get lockups in batch?
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