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This might be old news for some but I have been testing TVS with my BTV .TP files today and I found BTV 4.9.2 will read a .TS file directly created with TVS. I did not even have to rename the file extension.

My Steps

1. Edit myfile.TP from BTV in TVSuite. May some cuts, added title, etc.
2. Save Video As --> .TS (transport stream). The only thing that really got transcoded was the title.
3. Copy the new .TS file back to BeyondTV Shows directory.
4. Play new video from Recorded shows in BeyondTV

Works great!

I also burned a DVD of the show but the advantage of the .TS method is that the show was still in HD format so it looks very nice.


Hey VideoRoy, thx for sharing. I use BTV but shows record in .MPG not .TP. I have std definition and use Hauppauge 250 and 150MCE cards. I created a vb script to run ad-scan automatically and create .VPrj (because I had problems getting it kicked off automatically after recording finished).

What's a .TP file? And, did you have to do anything to record in high-def? From Hauppauge web site it appears my existing cards won't work with high-def. I'm a comcast user so probably need a cable box anyway to get HD program.


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Haupauge make a few digital cards. Depending on where you are, the Comcast cable can have a lot of channels available that are not encoded - ie, you do not need a box to see them.


Thx. Is there a website to see which channels in my area are not encoded (i.e. require a decoder box)?

If I can get the channels I want without converter box are there capture cards (don't have to be hauppauge) that you recommend with coax input?
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