BeyondTV and post-processing with VRD?


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I've looked at that option and don't understand how to get it to work. I can't figure out how/where the filename is passed. I'm a real novice at scripting, so I'm all ears (eyes?) if you can explain this.

Also, the link to the COM objects appears to be broken. Thanks.



You can try this:

1) Create a CMD file that looks like the following, make sure you don't change the case of anything, except the program directories.

for %%i in (%1) do cscript //nologo "c:\program files\videoredo-Plus\vp.vbs" %%i "%%~dpiQSF_%%~nxi" /t1
Make sure the location of the vp.vbs script is correct for you system.

Once you've create this cmd file, you can place it into the BTV XML file as stated in the documentation.

I.e. Lets say you called your cmd file: c:\temp\BTVQSF.cmd, the XML would then look like:

Note, haven't tested this, but it should at least get you close.


We did a website upgrade a couple of weeks ago and the COM interface didn't make it over. Try the link now it should be working.


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kl said:
BeyondTV has a feature that allows for post-processing after a recording. See this article:

It doesn't appear that there are any parameters. Would it be possible to use the QuickStream Fix function of VRD as a post-processing command in BTV? Thanks for any comments.

Great. This is exactly what I want to do also. VideoReDo should team up with Beyond TV....providing transport stream processing for the BTV people.
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