Beta 572 Audio Delay & No Audio Graph


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I just upgraded to beta 572. This is my first beta since running with 564. Editing a .tivo file, I noticed that when I press play, there is a slight delay before I hear the audio. Very slight. When it starts, it's in sync though. Also, when toggling preview mode to review cuts, I get audio pops as it finds the next cut, and trys to play the audio (I have 2-second lead in) and a pop again as it starts to play coming out of the cut.

If you pause play the start again, audio starts up fine but if you reposition the cursor/scrubber, you get a delay before audio starts.

I also don't get an audio graph. Well, I can if I click on the timeline to advance a frame or two at a time (it takes 9 clicks of the Advance one frame button for it to show up). Then the graph will advance to the left as I advance one frame. However, if you click the Back one frame button or in the timeline to go backwards, the graph disappears.

Windows XP Home SP2

ADDED: Same behavior on both fronts with previously edited mpeg files.
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Try a fresh download and uninstall/reinstall in case something became corrupted during download or installation.

Also check V564 with this file to confirm it behaves OK.


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Okay, downloaded new install, uninstalled and reinstalled. The audio graph is now there but it disappears. Closing project and opening it back up will get it back but disappears again.

Audio lag is still there, about a second before it starts.

I don't keep multiple versions installed, but never had a problem with 564.
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