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Beta 429 Crash from initial splash screen


Have just downloaded 429 and installed over the top of 427

If exiting from the initial splash screen VRD crashes. Seems quite repeatable. Continuing on and opening a video etc etc and then exiting seems OK

P4c 3.2G 1G Ram Win XP Pro SP2 with any MS patches Radeon 9600XT Cat 5.11
The same thing happened to me. When I installed, the splash screen opened before I finished with the options wizard. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled VRD and no more crashes.

I have the same problem if I exit the splash screen either via File->Exit or clicking the close window X in top righthand corner. It only crashes if I haven't opened a file before exiting. I installed 429 over 417.
phd said:
How are you exiting from the splash screen?
ah, got it as well. you simply start VRD and close it immediately afterwards without having a movie loaded. i closed the window with the standard windows close button (X), not with vrd's exit. after i tried vrd's exit from menu everything closed fine afterwards. can't repeat it anymore since then.


Super Moderator
The reason I ask is I cannot get it to crash.

Ctrl+X will not close VRD unless you have a file open. However, that does not crash it.

XP Pro SP1
I've seen it too - the first time I ran .429 (installed over the top of .427) from a desktop shortcut then exited (via File->Exit), prior to opening a video.

Like Harry, I can't reproduce it at the moment, and it doesnt appear to make any difference whether or not tip of the day is enabled - though the first time it opened after installation it didnt ask whether or not to check for updates...
phd said:
The reason I ask is I cannot get it to crash.

Ctrl+X will not close VRD unless you have a file open. However, that does not crash it.

XP Pro SP1
i didn't mean Ctrl+X, i meant the X of the standard windows close button on the top right. i have it again now, and i also get it on file -> exit, though i don't get it every time.

btw: i don't have tip of day enabled
The machine I saw the crash on is a fully patched XP Home SP2.

It only happened the first time I ran after installation over .427. I have TOTD enabled, and the following post-installation config settings:
* Author with ULead
* Playback on DigiTV
* Extra memory for replay etc
* Ask before checking for updates.
I have a XP Pro SP2 fully patched P4 2GHz 512 MB system with NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS that crashes repeatedly on File->Exit or via the window's X. This also crashes when exiting via the COM interface when scripting QSF.

However, I have a XP Pro SP2 fully patched AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (2.19 GHz) 1 GB system with ATI RADEON 9550 that it doesn't crash at all on.
This is exactly what happened to me in build 426. Build 427 fixed it and it is not happening in 429.

I run XP Home fully patched sp2. My video card is an ATI AIW7500.

I also have a XP Home fully patched sp2 with a GeForce Nvidia video card and it has not done it in any build.
Strange. It sounds like an initialisation problem of some description - when a video file is loaded into the app, the setting is initialised somewhere, and the problem goes away....

When I get a chance, I'll try doing a full uninstallation/reinstallation and see if the problem returns on the first run.
Sorry folks,

I must report the same thing system crash after the splash screen after installing 429 over 427.

Asked me if i wanted to send report to microsoft. did not.

Thought it was finger trouble as I accidently did a right click of the mouse

rebooted computer no sign of the problem again.
Version 423 used to crash on exit for me and was fixed by version 427.

However I have just done a complete reinstall of Windows XP (fully uptodate) and installed version 429 and I get no crash on exit from splash screen.