Best frames to cut in frame accurate editing


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I'm not even sure if it makes any difference. But saw a thread where Mr. Video said something about always backing off 1 frame from the second I frame.

Read somewhere else, you shouldn't cut on a P frame as they really don't exist.

Does it make any difference which frame you select to make a cut? Start? End? What is the optimum? What is to be avoided?

Obviously a newbie, but appreciate any advise.



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In frame accurate mode it doesn't matter, VRD can cut on any frame type. In GOP mode you can still position the cut anywhere you want, but VRD will change the cut point to the end of the next GOP.



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FWIW I set my Shift-arrows to skip to I-frames, and if the I-frames aren't perfect places for me to cut (e.g. audio level is up or frame has a glitch or something) then I go to the nearest B-frame that's black and zero audio. Not sure I've ever had to cut on a P-frame but it probably works too. ;)

It's a habit I got into from years back before I got VRD and its perfect cutting (no glitching around cut points). But probably the only benefit of doing it this way (cutting on I-frames whereever possible) these days is it can speed-up your output times given VRD doesn't have to re-encode any GOPs.

Dan203 will correct me if I'm off-base about this... :eek:


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Thanks Dan. Appreciate the feedback.

@Laserfan: That's the same way I've been editing my files (Shift-Arrow to I frame). But then I saw Mr Video say something about backing off of 1 frame to the previous B frame on the end of the cut and wondered why and if it made a difference.


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Hi, ghealy.

It really doesn't matter where you cut. Just set VRD to frame-accurate editing, and cut on the frame that makes the video look the best. VRD will fix up the cut point perfectly---that's exactly what it was made for. There is no reason for you to even think about whether it's an I, P, or B frame.
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