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Is there anyone out there using VRD4 to remove commercials from recording created from a Bell ExpressVu satellite?


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Are you having a specific issue?

Or this is just a generally curious question?


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Hi Pat,

General query. Am about to movie and will be switching to Bell ExpressVu Satellite for my TV. Was wondering if I could still use VRD4 on shows I record with their HDPVR?

I am afraid that the answer is 'NO' from what I've been able to determine so far. Seems their recordings are encrypted.


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Unfortunately, you are correct - there is no way to pull the files from the ExpressVu DVR (or it's cousin DishNetwork either).

The only way is to record in real time using a capture device. I personally use the Hauppauge HD-PVR, the bring into VideoReDo H.264 for editing out commercials.



Back in the day, when SD was king, I had a DishNet 508 PVR and a BeV 5800 (5100?) PVR.
So if you find people talking about editing those shows with VRD, check the date.
We did, but it was a long time ago. ;)

Eventually, SD became impossible to recover on the above PVRs.
Now, all the new (and especially HD-capable) receivers for both companies no longer save to the hard drive in the clear.
Seems kind of rude to their customers, but that's life.
DishNet even wants a bribe to let you plug your own USB drive into their PVR to expand storage.

I've long since abandoned satellite recording in North America,
and now just grab a little OTA of network shows. :(
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[I replied to this yesterday, but it looks as if the Ethernet gremlins ate it. <Shrug>]

Thanks guys. OTA is not an option where I'm moving (Condo - not external antennas allowed) MY choices for TV are Cogeco cable, Shaw Direct & Bell ExpressVu (now knows as BellTV). Both Cogeco and Shaw's equipment leave a lot to be desired. So I'm probably going to go with Bell (Can't believe I'm saying that <Shudder>)

Looks like my VRD4 will go into suspended animation. <Sigh>


In strong-signal areas an indoor antenna is plenty good for OTA. Most stations are UHF so the antenna can be very compact. VHF stations require part of the antenna to be larger, similar (or identical) to the old rabbit ears.

To see where the local OTA towers are located and what antenna you would need, go to either or and enter your future location. You also need to determine if you need an omnidirectional or a directional antenna.
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