Batch Manager Questions


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In the batch manager, there is a selection for "elementary streams". To make the program output elementary streams instead of a multiplexed mpg. After several tests, I finally figured out that you had to check this box BEFORE you added any files to the batch manager! Is this an intended feature, or is it a bug? At the very least, a note to this effect in the help would be appreciated.

And when using the File/Add Edits To Batch Queue function, how can Elementary Stream output be selected? I couldn't find any way.

One further, and admittedly somewhat picky item. The text that appears in the Batch manager window as each item is executed appears (on my computer at least) in a strange fuzzy font that's almost impossible to read. The font is also so big that most of the line is off the screen. Is there a way you could use a more readable font for this?
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