Batch Manager - On time stopped doesnt works anymore afterwards


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V4 Beta Build 629b

This has been in the last Beta too.

If you have a Batch of lets say 3 DVDs to do and you stop the Output and try to restart the batch after closing Videoredo and restarting it hangs from beginng.

It also hangs if you stop the output and try to restart it.

I reinstalled Videoredo and have same issues on and on.

Loginfo then is:

2011-10-21 20:04:48 DVD Muxer Error: Unable to create directory: E:\, error: 5
2011-10-21 20:04:48 Joiner, CStreamException: Compressed stream error: DVD Muxer initialization error.

2011-10-21 20:08:28 COM call: AbortOutput <-- this must have been me aborting thd Output after nothing happened for minutes
2011-10-21 20:08:28 COM call: Close
2011-10-21 20:08:28 Destruct CVideoReDoDlgAutoProxy

If you delete the Batch Outputs from the List then and add new Batch Projects ( Same ones for example ) it works again till you Abort shut down and restart the Batch.
And there are no way stream errors in the Video.
The Log must be a false Report.
And my E Drive is of course accessable and could be used.
Cuze if i start a new Batch it direcly uses it as Temp again and outputs flawless.
Something seems to lock the Temp dir Drive after Aborting a Batch Process.
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Check Tools->Options->DVD Settings. Do you have just E:\ set as the temporary folder? If so then you need to change that to point to a folder. UAC does not allow us to output to the root of a drive.



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Thx Dan
It works now again after deleting all registry Entires and adding new "Folders" for Temp usage.

Ill have a look at the WE once i will make me new Lossless DVDs / Mkvs of my TV Recordings.

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