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Batch builder problems in 447

When I run build 447's VideoReDoBatch.exe, CPU usage goes to 100% and it it just starts eating memory. The GUI never appears. I have no problems with build 445.



Super Moderator
I just ran a test on V447 with a P4 2.4, XP SP1, using 1/2D1 material.

CPU usage remained between 15-35% through the process.

What are your system specs? OS, CPU, RAM?

What is your source material/capture device?
Pat, Athlon 64 3500+, 1 GB RAM. XP Pro SP2, fully patched. The source material is irrelevant. With build 447, when I run VideoReDoBatch.exe, I never get the GUI, so I can't even add anything to process. The CPU pegs at 100% and RAM usage just keeps going up and up. I have to kill the process via the task manager.

If I install 445 over 447, there is no problem. The GUI appears. If I then install 447, the problem returns.



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Hi Barry,

I followed up on your problem on a virtual machine with SP2 installed. Although I got the GUI to appear and files were outputted, output size was limited to about 460MB and VRD crashed.

We'll look into it.

Has anyone else seen a problem with Batch Manager in V447?

If you do, or do not please supply your machine specs: OS including SP, CPU, RAM
I must be the only one having this problem. Anyway, here is some more info. Build 450 does the same as 446 and 447, but if I use the VideoReDoBatch.exe from 445 (renamed) with build 450, the GUI appears.