Basic Editing...

I'm looking for something to do some basic editing with from VRD. Idealy I like a crossfade between two clips and the ability to fade out the sound between two clip.

Also something with some titling features would be great, but want something only to recompress edited sections when outputing back to DVD.

I'm looking at Ulead DVD Movie Factory which is great for reclipping together and buring back, but I want something with some more features.

I'm not after creating DVD Menus or Navigation.

Any Ideas Guyz?



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bradh said:
I received this info from a friend, "Vegas 6" is the best editing software I know of. It alows you to put in titles, audio and more. Great editing software.:)
Very nice, very pricey, and coexists very nicely with VRD on my system. Don't forget that it also needs DVD Architect to author the edited files to DVD. Vegas is a "true" NLE package that equals (and , in many respects, bests) such editors as Avid, Final Cut Pro, and the like.
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