audio normalization stops in 2nd pass

because of various subjects with crash of VRD6c, the support provided me with VRD6e today for test.
All issues (see my previous thread reg. this matter) are solved now - and I am happy.

Whyle testing and recoding, I found an new issue, that the audio normalization will stop while in 2nd pass about 60%.
The process - alias the time counter continues, but the progress bar stays at 60%.
I tested several containers and compression. Same problem with mpeg, h264 or hevc.
Changing encoding type or bitrate was no problem, however.


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I select
- Encoding type AAC
- normalization: -3dBFS

have zipped and uploaded the Log file - it grown big today; pls see the end of it


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Having problems duplicating this. Do you want to upload the source file to us or wait until the next beta to see if we somehow fixed this?
I have cleared the Log - file.
Run the normalization anew and encounter the same problem.

Have uploaded the source video and the log to ticket: IVT-19191-418