Audio from first frame


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Audio from the first frame of every output file (using TS or MP4 profiles) is clipped, i.e. audio starts halfway thru 1st frame. This causes a problem when joining multiple edits.

The source files have already been processed with QSF and I've tried multiple profiles. Also tried exporting audio with audio only profile then re-merging with ffmpeg.

I still get clipped audio when joined.



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Audio and video frames are different lengths. They don't line up exactly. We only output the audio that overlaps with the video frames. So if your audio starts slightly ahead of video then it will be truncated. The only way to avoid this is to back up one frame in the video before cutting. You can use a title or transition to fade that in from black if it has some content you don't want to see.

Edit: Just realized this is v5 Forum. Transitions only exist in v6, so you'll have to use a title.
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