Audio codec problem when joining two mpeg files


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HI all,

I have recently observed a strange problem when using VRD 2.21 b 445. I have a new DVB-T USB receiver, by Terratec. The software that comes with the USB DVB-T is able to save directly on the PC into mpeg2 the TV signal. The software also split the recorded files every 4GB. So I get quite often a recorded content spreading on two files. When I try to use the join feature, since recently, VRD refuses and tells me the first part is using AC3 and the second MPEG. But both parts do use mpeg and not AC3, I confirmed this with the GSpot tool. I have tried to quickfix the files, to no avail. I now have to rencode the first part and force the mpeg audio codec, then it works.

Is there something I can do ?

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VRD is probably correct

Hey, PHD... I just thought...

If he's recording a digital TV station, they often change resolutions between show and least in some countries.
Isn't it possible they change sound formats, too!? :confused:

So, this could be something VRD really needs to deal with... :cool:
I'm not yet doing the HD captures,... so I'll just leave it at that.
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Using combine will use the information from the first file.

Using join will treat each file separately and may find different audio info.

Combine may resolve the issue for him.
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