Attached Screen Save: Saving Edited Video Problem


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So I'm having a problem where VRD V5 appears to stall, won't save a video properly edited and selection added. Du;ring the saving process I get what appears to be an error message like this:

Left alone the time remaining calculation increases but there seems to be no further saving of the selected file. When aborting the saving process I end up with a playable file but its quite a bit shorter in length than expected.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? What other information could I add to figure this out?



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I believe this issue is being handled via email from our support desk.


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Try running the file through QSF first, then edit the fixed file. That usually works.

Another possibility is the file is variable frame rate, which can cause this. Would need to see MediaInfo for the file to know if that's the case or not.
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