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In VideoReDo TVSuite v5 when wanting to change only an output file's aspect ratio (in my case from 1.25:1 to 16:9) I used to modify only that option in the H264 output profile. The video recordings are captured from the analogue output of a Set Top Box for reasons that I won't go into! I presume that because the resolution is just a medium definition PAL 720 x 576, the aspect ratio is correctly reported by VideoRedo as 1.25:1 - see "Original.jpg". On playback as expected, the recording displays incorrectly as horizontally squashed. The same simple procedure to fill a 16:9 screen that I used to use on v5 (see circled modification in "Profile.jpg") no longer works on V6. The aspect ratio of the saved recording, whether edited or not, remains 1.25:1 and so still displays horizontally squashed - see "Unchanged aspect.jpg"
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My experience with aspect ratio and VRD is 4/3 and 16/9.
VRD can change a 16/9 "squashed 4/3" video to a unsquashed 4/3 video in a x264.mp4 file without recoding.
and it will now play in the correct aspect in VLC and MPClassic.

(I've mentioned this before and guess fixing it would take a lot as the DEVs are really great with fixing little things quickly)

BUT VRD itself will not display that same file in the new correct aspect. VRD only reads ONE of two flags for aspect and the one it changes is not the one it reads so in VRD the fixed file displays as uncorrected.

Had to buy a TMPGEnc smart renderer program and that DOES change the flag that VRD reads.
VRD was driving me crazy with "wait a minute I thought I fixed this file! and then...oh, I did fix it." >(with VRD)
Thankfully, "squashed 4/3"s are much less common now.

Ok, it's popping into my head now...Think the flag that VRD reads but does not change is a flag in each frame(?).
The TMPGEnc smart renderer program takes a noticeably longer time to process an aspect change then VRD does.
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VRD gets the aspect ratio from the sequence header which typically occurs at the start of each GOP.


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Changing the aspect currently only works for smart edits with MPEG-2 files. You're editing an H.264 file. Only reason the option is enabled is because it's a "Match Source" profile and doesn't know if it's MPEG-2 or not until you save. I could force a recode if that option is set and doesn't match the source, but I'm not sure that's the behavior you're looking for.

Changing the aspect without recoding in H.264/HEVC isn't really possible. It would require a complete rewrite of the header of every frame, not just flipping a bit like in MPEG-2. Not completely impossible, but a LOT more work and just something we haven't had the time or inclination to tackle.


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May I thanks all who have commented on my posting from several days ago. Having tried a variety of changes to the profile for H264 file saves in VRD V6 with no positive result, I posted that there seemed to be a difference between how V5 and V6 worked in fixing an aspect ratio display problem. To paraphrase: V5 OK, V6 not OK. I read all the suggestions and intended to try again when time permitted. Well, I tried to reproduce the problem today on more than one recording and failed. V6 behaves the same as V5 - great! I prefer to call myself unknowing rather than stupid, but whatever the reason for the sudden 'fix', I am happy and grateful to everyone for at least reading my stuff and offering suggestions. Cheers.
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