As little conversion from native .Tivo files as possible? (for Plex)


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Trying to get my Plex server to recognize my .tivo recordings.

I assume that I have to convert them?

Plex *used* to recognize the .tivo files if I just renamed them as ".mpg", but that stopped working sometime last year.

I don't care right now about compression, H.264, MP4, etc. I just want to cut out commercials and be able to watch them on Plex.

Is it as simple as saving as either a program stream or a transport stream...?


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Saving as Transport stream should be the safest option. That will strip the .tivo header and decrypt the video but otherwise leave it untouched. With v6 this is even easier as we have "Match Source" profiles so you don't have to worry about what codec the recording is using. It'll always just save as-is. (in v5 and lower you had to know if the file was MPEG-2 or H.264 ahead of time and then save to the proper profile)
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