Are TiVo recordings playable on other devices?

I'm considering buying a TiVo Roamio to replace my Windows 7 Media Center setup. Currently I remove commercials from my WTV recordings using VRD, save them to my unRAID NAS, and play them on a few Raspberry Pi 2s running Kodi. Will I be able to continue using this (or a similar) workflow with the TiVo?

In case it matters, I'm currently recording copy freely OTA content in the US, so it's MPEG-2 video and AC3 audio. I'm using two of the Silicon Dust HDHomeRun network OTA tuners.
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They have the same restricions as MCE files. Protected channels can't be transferred. All other channels can be opened in VRD, edited, and saved to any format we support. You just need to install TiVo Desktop as we use a piece of it to decrypt the TiVo files.


This is my environment, record on a Tivo, copy to the PC using Dan203's great pyTivoDesktop, remove ads with VideoReDo, save content to a Linux NAS, and then stream with KODI running on a Fire TV.
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