Application Error when using the ad-detective scan feature


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I have noticed the following problem with VideorRedo TV Suite : quite often, but not always, when I try to launch an ad-detective scan, after a while, before the analysed mpeg is fully processed, I get a VRDTVS application error
that forces the app to exit.

Looking into the XP event observer console gives more info :
Faulty Application videoredo3.exe, version, faulty module msvcr80.dll, version 8.0.50727.762, fault adress 0x00017440.

Last time it happened, it was processing a DVB-T recorded file.

I can't recall having such problems with the last VRD+ version.

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What is the source of your video files? What capture device do you use?

Try processing the file through QUickStream Fix first, then do an AD scan


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If you can isolate a section of the video that is causing the failure to a small section it can then be uploaded to our FTP site for us to check out and improve the error checking in AdDetective.

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I'm hitting a similar problem with Ad-Detective via the batch manager in TvSuite I'm scanning Tivo-recorded files. The same files scan OK in VRD+

The .cmd file created by the batch manager gets an exception from AdScan.vbs(62,1). A "memory could not be written" dialog also pops up. See the attached files (video file names redacted).

I found that removing the /q (quiet mode) flag from the batch file gets around the problem, but of course shows the video as it's being scanned. The problem happens when the .cmd file is run directly from the batch manager or separately from Windows Explorer or a command prompt.

The memory address reported is either 0x13 or 0xfffffff9.

I'll try to isolate a section of the input file for further analysis.

I'm running Tivo Desktop 2.5.1 on a stable WinXP system.


Keith Clayton

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Thanks, batch scan works fine with the 547 build. I see from the list that this was fixed in 545.

(I'm still seeing several "invalid operation" messages at the end of a DVD burn, as discussed in another thread.)
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