Anyway to change only the "Display aspect ratio" flag?


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There are some videos that are clearly squished vertically... round not being round.
If I set VLC to display 4:3 it looks correct.

The files say 16:9 but displays like some wide theater format.
Letterboxed and squished vertically.

I do not want to recode just set the flag so that file is displayed correctly.



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If it's MPEG-2 then you can set the aspect in the profile and it should get updated without recoding. If it's H.264 it might work if you save to MP4 or MKV, since it will set it at the container level. However we do not currently have a way to modify the SAR values in the H.264 stream itself.


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They are MPGs, I'll try your suggestion.
Never messed around with those options yet.

Don't know how they get away with producing this rubbish.

Even in the "Tremors" TV series I will see the sun rising and it is OVAL!
I set VLC to 1:1 and the sun is round again. ARRGG!

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