Announcements of new VAP versions

Ver. 1.32, 8 June 2017

8 June 2017, Ver. 1.32

Fixed: With process flow of QSF-then-AdScan and .mkv input file contained MPEG2 video, VAP was looking for temp file extension of .mkv instead of .ts, thus failed with file not found error.
VAP Ver. 1.33

10 July 2017, Ver. 1.33

Fixed: Was using non-Tivo intermedate (TempQSF) file when both input and output types were .Tivo. (VRD cannot create a .tivo file from an input non-tivo file.)
Fixed: At startup if one of the configured folders (Monitored, TempQSF or Output) is no longer present a descriptive message is given and VAP will do nothing until you terminate and fix
the situration.
VAP Ver. 1.34

28 August 2017, Ver. 1.34

Fixed: Didn't properly detect ComSkip versions 82_xxx
Enhanced: Generates BTV movie files from input NextPVR xml files.
Changed: Distributed free ComSkip version is 82_002.
VAP Version 1.35

24 November 2017, Ver. 1.35

Enhanced: If VAP window is mostly covered by other windows, clicking the Notify Icon brings it to the front. Five locations on the VAP form (4 at corners and one near the center) are checked to see if they are behind another window. If at least 4 are covered, the form is brought to the front.
VAP Version 1.36

2 July 2018, Ver. 1.36

Fixed: Year conversion exceptions in AirDate metadata parsing
Fixed: Comskip could not run on some suitable files when using VRD Version 3
Fixed: VAP was preventing display (monitor) from sleeping after time set in Windows. Default behavior now is to allow sleep. New Command-line option -keepDisplayOn can be used to invoke previous behavior if desired.
VAP Ver. 1.37

VAP Ver. 1.37 has been released.

10 August 2018, Ver. 1.37
Fixed: When using ComSkip, file names with extended characters caused VRD loads to fail because UTF-8 encoding of ComSkip-created .vprj file was not properly read by VAP.
VAP Version 1.39 released.

29 September 2018, Ver. 1.39

Fixed: -metapytivo CL option not working for autocut cases.
Fixed: -metabtv CL option could cause pyTivo .txt file to be produced instead of XML.
Enhanced: File/Folder permission errors during monitored folder scans handled with log messages provided.