Announcements of new VAP versions


VAP Ver. 1.15

16 march 2014, Ver. 1.15

Enhanced: You can configure a list of wildcard strings to filter input files. See the “Input File Filters” tab in the Advanced Configuration screen. This tab also contains the File-Ignore match string list and replaces the tab called “File Ignore”.
Enhanced: The tooltip when hovering mouse over the “Do Post-process” check box in “Settings For Selected File” now hints that the default setting is on the “Other” tab of Advanced Configuration

Note: Changes made to file-ignore and file wildcard strings are reflected immediately, whether VAP is idle or processing. I haven't checked all possible ways this could cause problems, e.g., if you filter out a file that is currently being processed. Please use common sense and if you do encounter really nasty behavior, provide the details (starting a new thread please).


VAP Ver. 1.16

20 March 2014, Ver. 1.16
Fixed: Cleaned up text at top of Input File Filters tab on Advanced Configuration form.
Fixed: Logic to detect whether comskip version was Early Access (donator) was no longer valid

VAP used to just check the file size of comskip.exe to determine whether it was the Early Access (donator) version. This doesn't work anymore because the free and donator versions of comskip.exe have almost the same size. Apparently the EA code is present in both versions and is just enabled by a flag in the EA version. Note that the size of the VAP installer has increased to 4+ MB because the free version of comskip is now 8.5 MB. FYI, the VAP-distributed free version of comskip is now 81-060.


VAP Ver. 1.17

24 April 2014, Ver. 1.17
Fixed: Text invisible (same color as background) on some Advanced Configuration tabs when using “Classic” desktop theme
24 April 2014, Ver. 1.17
Fixed: Text invisible (same color as background) on some Advanced Configuration tabs when using “Classic” desktop theme
You just can't resist :) Btw, you could always add a check box to the main screen with something written next to it, such as, Enable Live Commercial Detection ;)
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VAP Ver. 1.18

2 June 2014. Ver. 1.18
Fixed: VAP looked for wrong file extension for tempQSF file when process flow was QSF+AdScan, input file type was mpeg2 .ts and output type was mpeg2 .mpg.
Enhanced: Added three additional “wild card” meta tags, {wildcard2}, {wildcard3} and {wildcard4} for use in input file parsing templates.

Thus there are a total of four wild-card template tags for input file name parsing. These can be used for any purpose and will be substituted in output folder and file name renaming. An example is to allow renaming per the recorded date rather than the original air date that is assumed by the existing date and time template tags. The "Tag Grabber" pull down list contains only the original "{wildcard}" tag name so you need to edit in the '2', '3' or '4' as required.


VAP Ver. 1.19 -- TVSuite 5 compatibility added

VAP Version 1.19 released:

Enhanced: Now compatible with all versions of VRD (including TVS5). Automatically detects the latest installed version that has COM functions activated (may require running VRD once “As Administrator”). However, Comskip use is disabled if TVS5 is used, pending changes by the Comskip author to enable TVS5-compatible project file creation by VAP. If disabled for this reason, a message to this effect is logged at the start of the ad scan process and VRD AdScan is used..
Fixed: Log message upon completion of ad scan didn't say whether it was VRD or Comskip.
Enhanced: Added command-line option -forceComskipDonator which overrides normal donator version detection, which sometimes fails for unknown reasons. Obviously the user is responsible for ensuring the donator version is actually present. Also, three tries of the detection routine were added at 20 second intervals to make it more reliable

This version is distributed with free version 81_064 of Comskip. As always, during VAP installation you are asked if you want to install over any existing version and you can opt to not overwrite and thus keep whatever version you have been using.

If you have both TVS4 and TVS5 installed, which one VAP chooses can be somewhat unpredictable. It seems that the best policy is to run whichever version of VRD you want VAP to use "As Administrator" just before launching VAP.

VAP TVS5 compatibility has very little mileage on it and probably should be viewed as Beta code. Please report problems by starting a new thread in this sub-forum.


VAP Version 1.20 -- Comskip now can be used with VRD 5 Beta

14 October 2014, Ver. 1.20
Enhanced: Comskip now can be used with all VRD versions (including V5 Beta), provided
Comskip Version 0.81.066 or later is used. Free Comskip 0.81.066 is distributed with this VAP
version. If using VRD V5 Beta, and using an earlier version of Comskip, VAP will log an
appropriate message and default to using VRD Ad Detective instead of Comskip.


VAP Ver. 1.21

26 October 2014, Ver. 1.21
Fixed: On initial cold startup VAP could appear to fail to complete transfer of video input files already present in the monitored folder.

Also, the free version of Comskip distributed with VAP is now 81_069.


VAP Ver. 1.22

16 December 2014, Ver. 1.22
Fixed: AdDetective AdScans with TVS5 were defining scene markers but no cuts.


VAP Ver. 1.23

3 February 2015, Ver. 1.23
Fixed: Ampersand ('&') in title name caused metadata searches to fail.
Enhanced: Augmented VRD process stall detection. If a VRD COM process reports less than 2% progress for a 2 minute interval, the file is declared stalled. (This is in addtion to the condition requiring a minimum CPU time usage.)


VAP Ver. 1.24

15 May 2015, Ver. 1.24

Fixed: VRD process stall detection algorithm was too sensitive. Stalls will now be declared if
less than 1% progress is made over a 6 minute period, i.e., the VRD process would take more
than 10 hrs to complete.
Enhanced: Additional arguments are passed to the VAPpostProcess script: Arguments are:
  • Bare output file name (“bare” means no path or extension included)
  • Bare input file name
  • Output Folder (may be meta-renamed from basic configured folder)
  • Video width
  • Output Extension
  • Output file size
  • OAD month
  • OAD day
  • OAD year
Enhanced: Can use muliple Comskip ini files, designated by index number (1,2, 3 etc.) in
“Cmskp#” column of Profile Match String entries on “Profile Match Strings” tab of Advanced
Configuration form. Index selects custom .ini file named comskip<#>.ini. If index is blank or
zero, the default comskip.ini file is used.
Enhanced: Can unpack camel-formatted titles in input file names during input file metadata
parsing (bottom section of “MetaData Templates” tab of Advanced Configuration form).
Example: If {title} selects “FreshOffTheBoat”, it will be camel-upacked to “Fresh Off The
Boat”. To invoke camel unpacking, just prepend '#' to the parsing template, e.g.,: “#{title}-

Here is a vapPostprocess.cmd script that will list all nine passed arguments:

@echo off
echo Bare output file = %~1
echo Bare input file = %~2
echo Output folder = %~3
echo Wideo width = %~4
echo Output extension = %~5
echo Output file Size (MB) = %~6
echo OAD month = %~7
echo OAD day = %~8
echo OAD year= %~9


VAP Ver. 1.25

18 August 2015, Ver. 1.25
Fixed: OAD from WTV/DVRMS metadata incorrect because lacking time zone correction.
Enhanced: Added {movieyear} metadata template tag for input-file-name metadata parsing and use in output folder/file renaming.
Enhanced: When using Comskip with TVS5, ampersands ('&') in input file name element of Comskip-generated .vprj file are escaped to & required by TVS5.
Enhanced: Checkbox option added to “Other” tab of Advanced Configuration page to cause “and” to be substituted for '&' in output folder and file renaming.
Enhanced: Optional Pushover notifications (see Sends notifications to your mobile device(s) when VAP completes processing a file, or when commercial cuts are ready for review. See “Pushover” tab on Advanced Configuration page for setup and more info.

Note that Pushover notifications can be used free for 7 days, after which you must purchase the user license.


VAP Ver. 1.26

24 September 2015, Ver. 1.26

Enhanced: Improved ability to properly classify WTV or DVRMS files as movies.
Enhanced: Added entry box for TiVo Media Access Key (MAK) on the Advanced Configuration form, “Other” tab, to allow reading metadata from .TiVo files on systems where VAP is unable to automatically get the MAK (which is the default).

One user on Win10 recently was getting no metadata from .TiVo files because VAP was failing to automatically read the TiVo MAK. This is evidenced by right clicking on a .TiVo file in the Monitored File list and getting the "No metadata" pop up message. With this version, that message will also include the suggestion that the MAK should be entered in Advanced Configuration. Once entered, it will be remembered through VAP restarts. If VAP can get the MAK automatically, the entry box already will be populated with the MAK value and no manual entry is required (or desirable).


VAP Ver. 1.27

16 December 2015, Ver. 1.27
Changed: When using Comskip with TV Suite 4, Type 3 project (.vprj) file output is specified.
Changed: Search order in searches. Now searches by OAD first. Ep title is next. Season/Ep is last.
Enhanced: search by OAD fails if two episodes are found with same OAD. Message to that effect is logged.
Enhanced: Handling of web exceptions during searches.


18 June 2016, Ver. 1.28

18 June 2016, Ver. 1.28
Changed: episodeNumber item in pyTivo .txt metadata output files is formatted SSSSEEE.
Changed: searches use their new API by default. You can force use of the old API with the Command-line option: -useTvdb1 which is case-insensitive. The older API is deprecated and will be shut down eventually.
Enhanced: You can limit the number of characters used in the epTitle metadata item in forming meta-renamed output file names using command-line option -maxEpTitle:##, which is case-insensitive and where ## is the desired max length.
Enhanced: In parsing input file names for metadata, if the month is represented by a string (e.g., “Nov.”) instead of the number (“11”) it will be properly matched as the number by the {month} template tag.. (theTVDB searches require the numerical representation.)


Ver. 1.29

8 August 2016, Ver. 1.29

Fixed: Change in build 743 (and 742?) of TVS5 required mods of QSF5.vbs and QSFsmart5.vbs to prevent instant QSF file-open failures.

Enhanced: For TV series shows that have metadata, command line option -metaCSV (not case sensitive) will cause CSV-formatted metadata files to be output in the same folder as the output processed video file..


Still getting the same problem with 743 and QSF file-open failures. Gone back to 741 which works well.

EDIT by dlflannery: See separate thread on this issue.
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Ver. 1.30 (9 February 2017)

9 February 2017, Ver. 1.30
Fixed: Empty data response from caused crash.

The latest free version of ComSkip (81_092) is included in this installer. As always the installer prompts whether you want your existing version of Comskip.exe to be overwritten by the version in the installer. And you can substitute the "early access" (or "donator") version of Comskip.exe into the comskip subfolder of the VAP installation folder, if you have it. At startup, VAP will create the log message "Comskip is Early Access (donator) version", if it is present. If you think you have the donator version in the right place and do NOT see such a message, something is wrong.


Ver. 1.31, 25 May 2017

24 May 2017, Ver. 1.31

Fixed: metadata searches failed for some show titles containing '&' character.
Enhanced: Improved deny-standby behavior.
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