After removing commercials video plays back too fast

Bill Aggie

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I'm stumped on this and have been working on it for days. I use VRD and VAP to remove commmercials automatically from tv shows recoreded in MPG format through SnapStream Beyond TV. This has worked flawless now for months and months. Suddenly all my finished decommercialized videos are all playing back at maybe 4x speed. Walking looks like running and speech is understandable but difficult.

The original file play correctly, only after running through VRD does the end result file (wihout commercials) plays too fast and on everyting I try it on.

I've removed all my codec packages, reinstalled them, removed and reinstalled VRD and VAP but still get this fast motion playback.

Any ideas what to try?



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What application(s) are you using to play back the file?

Does the edited video play back OK if you load the file into VideoReDo?

Have you tried the Beta?
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