Adjustable plot mask option


I'd like to be able to adjust all four side of the plot mask separately.

Yeah I know there is an option to change the size of the plot mask to either small, medium, large or extra large. But sometimes they cover too much or don't cover enough.

Been able to adjust the four sides separately would mean that if the user is editing a TV recording then the user could adjust the sides for that TV channel so that they can still see the TV station logo. Example, if the logo is on the bottom right corner then the plot mask area would have the left, right and top area masked to the edges and the bottom mask would be just above the TV channel logo.

Also it would be great if there was an option to save a few of the configuration setting and they could be named. So when I want to edit a recording from channel A, I select the channel A settings. If I want to edit something from channel B then I would select channel B settings.

A plot mask button to toggle it on/off would also be great.


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Good idea, and I'll add it to the development list. However I wouldn't expect it for a while, we have a lot of more critical items ahead of it.
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